Noble tramps

Lviv batyars Bodya and Mirek live under the slogan: “Loving Lviv, women, and jokes”. To make life colorful, noble vagrants embark on various adventures while remaining positive heroes. Unexpectedly, they become guardians of the young beautiful lady and their adventures are gaining momentum. The events of the film take place in Lviv in 1938-39.


Awards and nominations


9th competitive selection of the Ukrainian State Film Agency

The project “Noble Tramps” was one of the winners of this competitive selection.


7th International Film Festival “Crown of the Carpathians”

Award in the category “Award for Best Cinematography” (Yuriy Korol).

“The Golden Dziga” award

Award in the category “Best Costume Artist” (Maria Kero).

Nominations in categories:

  • “Best Director” (Yuriy Korol)
  • “Best Production Director” (Vladimir Romanov)
  • “Best soundtrack” (“The Kobites”),
  • “The Best Makeup Artist” (Olga Akhtarnia)

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