Freedom taste

Varia is a young chef from a small town in Eastern Ukraine. She works in the local road bar as a chef, but no one understands her. People think she is a bit crazy. And she is a dreamer and a real fan of Jamie Oliver. Because of persistent controversy with her parents and emotional tension through past relationships, Varia runs away as far as she had never been before – Carpathian mountains area, to start from the beginning.

Even though, getting a job is a problem, she finds the position of a line cook at the typical Ukrainian restaurant (kolyba). And a true revelation happens when Varia finds a very unusual and unknown for her edition – a cookbook of Olga Franko. A completely unique collection of recepies, a mix of Ukrainian, Hungarian, Austrian, German and Polish cuisine, which has been the main cookbook for all the ladies 100 years ago.  Now Varia has two idols – Jamie Oliver and Olga Franko. These invisible friends guide her to a dream!

Despite the opposition of the locals, who distrust the unknown girl from the East, despite all the new traditions and rules for her, the girl is given the goal to open her own restaurant, reviving Olga Franko’s cuisine in it! But the more she learns from Olga’s life, the more she realizes that they both were always looking for the taste of freedom!